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Cannabis is pricey in Ohio! That’s why we’ve been testing various cannabis strains and products throughout the Buckeye State in order to make it easier for Ohio medical marijuana patients to make informed decisions. Use the search option above, or scroll down to browse our reviews. Also, be sure to subscribe to 420 Ohio below on YouTube for in-depth cannabis reviews, cultivation tours and tutorials.

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We return from our late summer break with a look at some cannabis vaping oils, beginning with a live resin! The strain is Close Encounter, an indica by AiroPro (cannabis cultivated by Buckeye Relief).

I have finally found my favorite Ohio medical marijuana strain! Rainbow Chip from Farkas Farms (aka Bullseye Gardens) is it! Find out why this hybrid vapes oh so nice.

This week we take another look at a cannabis vape cart, this time a distillate! The strain: Master Kush by Verano, aka Mother Grows Best out of Canton, Ohio.

We finally get our hands on some Firelands Scientific cannabis. this cultivator is located out of Huron, Ohio. The flower we’ll be looking at is aptly named, Guice. It is a hybrid Ohio medical marijuana strain. Find out how this flower stacks up!

This week we profile Motorbreath, a much-requested strain from Klutch Cannabis out of Akron, Ohio. How does this powerful Tier II indica stack up against the competition? Find out!

We check back with Klutch Cannabis in Akron to profile 999, one of their hottest, and latest, Josh D strains. Learn more about this mind-bending indica flower.

We check out NYC FLO, another  Ohio medical marijuana recommendation from our YouTube community. Is this Buckeye Relief hybrid flower worth adding to your dispensary cart?

Calyx Peak in Ohio has officially changed ownership. They are now Klutch Cannabis (aka Klutch Select). To celebrate, we take a look at Triangle Mintz (or Triangle Mints), a minty sativa flower from the cultivator.

We head on back to Farkas Farms for a look at Hell’s Bells, another enticing indica from Bullseye Gardens out of Akron, Ohio. Is this strain as awesome as other Farkas flowers?

We take a look at Sherbhead, an uplifting, popular hybrid from Calyx Peak. aka Local Cannabis Company. You may also know this flower under the brand, Klutch Cannabis (the new owners of Calyx Peak).

The folks at RYOT recently sent us some new cleaning, grinding and storage products, so we thought we’d take some time here to go in-depth with each one. Reviews include: the KANNASTöR GR8TR Grinder, the RYOT Utility Tool & the SmellSafe Safe Case.

A patient request this week! We check out Grandpa’s Mustache by Ancient Roots, a popular cannabis cultivator out of Wilmington, Ohio. So how does this 50/50 hybrid hit? Find out!

For health enthusiasts seeking an enticing alternative to sugar or nut-based cannabis edibles, Wellspring Fields might just have what you’ve been looking for because this infused high THC Olive Oil is straight fire.

We take a look at a highly recommended strain — Do-Si-Dos #22 (Dosidos 22) by Buckeye Relief. This flower is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, and she tastes quite delightful! Find it how this flower hits.

We dive right into this nutty Ohio medical marijuana edible. The high THC cannabis-infused peanut butter by Wellspring Fields packs a whopping 48 mg of THC per tablespoon!

We try out another 14.15 gram bulk strain from Buckeye Relief, out of Eastlake, Ohio. This time its 92 Cookies, a sativa hybrid – a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream and Ghost OG.

We take a look at a high percentage THC indica strain from Wellspring Fields, titled GMO. Folks may know this strain by its other name: Garlic Cookies or Garlic, Mushrooms and Onions.

We vaped Poochie Love, an enticing head-heavy sativa strain cultivated by the folks at Buckeye Relief out of Eastlake, Ohio. Find out how this 14.15 gram bulk flower hits.

We try some tasty Cherry Pie, a colorful hybrid. This Ohio medical marijuana flower comes from the cultivators at Farkas Farms, aka Bullseye Gardens, out of Akron, Ohio. Will you try a slice?

We test out Conjugal Visit #5 (aka CV #5), a special limited edition strain drop from the cultivation wizards at Woodward Fine Cannabis out of Akron, Ohio.

We take a look at True OG, a classic indica strain from the cultivation wizards at Woodward Fine Cannabis in Akron, Ohio. Will this be your next go-to indica?

We take a look at Island Girl, a lovely tier 2 sativa strain from the Ohio medical marijuana cultivators at Buckeye Relief in Eastlake, Ohio.

We take a look at Butterfly Effect’s high THC cannabis-infused honey, one of Ohio’s best, most affordable, and most versatile edibles.

We profile Miami Heat, a spicy sativa strain from cannabis cultivator, Firelands Scientific, located out of Huron, Ohio.

We take a look at Weekend in Marseille, a popular indica strain from Wellspring Fields, out of Ravenna, Ohio.

We sample Rainbow Zen, a new indica-dominant hybrid strain on Ohio medical marijuana shelves from Pure Ohio Wellness out of Dayton, Ohio.

We test out the 2019 Emerald Cup winner, Ice Cream Cake, cultivated by Local Cannabis Co. (Calyx Peak) out of Akron, Ohio.

We test out 10th Planet, the latest from organic Ohio medical marijuana cultivator, Galenas, out of Akron, Ohio. Will it take us to the stars?

We take a look at Cali Dragon, a potent and relaxing indica-dominant hybrid strain cultivated by Firelands Scientific out of Huron, Ohio.

This indica-leaning hybrid strain from Butterfly Effect is great for unraveling stress after a busy day. But how does this strain stack up in terms of flavor?

Lake Cake by Butterfly Effect is a strongly scented strain that leans hard on cheese and diesel notes. It also provides a great sense of relaxation and mental relief. 

We return with DosiFace, a tasty new Ohio medical marijuana strain from Calyx Peak, aka Josh D, Song and Local Cannabis Co.

We try out Butterfly Effect’s Blue Raspberry Gummies (220mg THC). These gummies pack a 20mg punch!

For relaxation, these pens are quite excellent, providing a smooth experience with very little “high” or euphoria. 

Euphoria creeps up with this one, building to a crescendo about an hour or two after eating the edible.

My licensed medical marijuana patient consultant at the dispensary suggested this tincture for new patients who haven’t yet tried cannabis. … patients with stomach or gastrointestinal issues or pain, as this tincture is great for relaxation and easing inflammation.

A solid late afternoon strain. It’s got a great aroma, a robust flavor, and enough light and energy within to get you through the end of your day, relaxed and recharged.

By the end of my vaping experience, I was in a state of calm, ready to unwind and meditate before bed. I vaped this strain and followed up with Butterfly Effect’s High THC Tincture about 30 minutes before bed. That proved to be a knockout punch that helped me fall to sleep, and stay asleep all night.

Review: Strawberry Cough by Pure Ohio Wellness

Strawberry Cough, from Pure Ohio Wellness out of Springfield, Ohio, in an energetic, sweet smelling strain loaded with waves of euphoria and energy.

Sour Banana Sherbet is a stunning cannabis strain, with a classic “hippie bud” look to it, with more defined leaves, less density and brilliant colors. 

Colors here are quite spectacular. Up close, the nugs feature a beautiful array of purple accents. In fact, if you look at the grind photo below, you’ll see splashes of purple everywhere you look.

My 2.83 gram bottle largely consisted of two large buds. In fact, these were the two largest nugs I’ve purchased at an Ohio dispensary thus far. Both nugs were quite dense, well cured, and around the size of a thumb.

This strain looks almost … alien. Like it was cultivated in a slightly different environment than your usual strain, and the results are a richer, more saturated bud, with stronger oranges. It’s really something beautiful to behold!

This strain is a creeper. I felt very little after vaping my first bag, but that slowly transformed as a relaxing headband effect rolled over my temples, soothing tension and easing my anxiety.

This strain reminds me of a superhero — appearing one way in an action setting, and another way in a personal setting. In this case, Forest of Azure actually smells different before and after grinding.

Greens and oranges are hidden under a thick layer of creamy trichomes. These trichomes mute color quite a bit, but their stickiness suggests plenty of active chemical compounds.

This tincture will hit your tongue and nearly disappear in your mouth. But it will leave behind a lovely, sweet yellow cake aftertaste. This taste is frighteningly accurate, too.

Oranges bath over the greens, softening the sharper colors of the leaves, like purple and pine. Trichomes absorb this orange as well, giving the bud a slight amber hue.

Greens and oranges are hidden under a thick layer of creamy trichomes. These trichomes mute color quite a bit, but their stickiness suggests plenty of active chemical compounds.

Impressive mixture of amber pistils and creamy trichomes. The pine green leaves are absolutely covered here, barely visible beneath the dreamy sea of pearly white. 

Euphoria comes in strong bursts of energy that helped get me through the day, completing chores and last minute tasks. This one is great for focus, but won’t keep you up at night.

What’s immediately noticeable is just how well trimmed this strain is compared to some others on the market. There’s no excess leaves or even thick stems —

A rich palette of stark colors and dazzling complexity. Trichomes like chilly frost in the morning, binding to the leaves in perfect symbiosis. 

What’s immediately noticeable is just how well trimmed this strain is compared to some others on the market. There’s no excess leaves or even thick stems —

A real stunner up close, with a rich array of colors, from bright amber hues to inky pine greens. Each cola lives up to its name, accented by an explosion of deep, rich purples.

It’s a light experience, focused on relaxation, with only a moderate euphoric effect.

Like a cup of coffee, this sativa will give a jolt to your mind and body without throwing you into couchlock or overloading your senses

This strain is striking, to say the least. It features a wide array of colors on the surface of the colas ranging from rich, inky purples hiding throughout the nugs, to lush pine greens and grass greens on the leaves. 

A wonderfully soothing experience that provided the tools I needed to unwind after a very tough week. 

One of those strains that tastes like it smells. … subtly sweet, followed by a tiny hint of pine, adding a peppery aftertaste. …finished by a smooth floral accent, almost like fresh daisies.

The initial fruity bursts of this strain are perfectly complemented by the floral accents provided by the Myrcene terpene. Caryophyllene adds in a refreshing clove-like aroma that brings forward the citrus notes.

I was shocked by how much flavor was packed into just one drag!

Forbidden Zkittles boasts a gorgeous palette of lush greens and burnt oranges. In fact, the orange hues are almost erased by the darker amber of the pistils. Up close, they almost look like frayed ropes.

Trichomes fill each bud cola, bathing the oranges and greens in a proverbial forest of frothy white and creamy yellows, accented by orange pistals (of which there are many). Green hues peak out every so often, but take a back seat compared to the color of the trichomes.

This unique device touts that it can not only eliminate the odor of cannabis, but also the associated smoke and vapor. 

green og strain review

Thankfully, this hybrid did not disappoint. Within moments, I felt relief in my back and ankles, and anxiety from a stressful and emotional day was tempered from a near boil to a calm simmer.

Does this fish sink or swim? Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Linalool steps up to the plate as the dominating terpene. Pinene and Limonene are also present throughout…

This strain takes a minute to work, but once it does, it only gets stronger and more intense as you continue to vape it.

Another Josh D Classic comes to Cleveland 

This Tier I cannabis cultivator has been working diligently to provide Ohio medical cannabis patients with top-quality strains. 

If you dig a complex aroma with your cannabis, this one should do the trick.

Is this Woodward Fine Cannabis hybrid strain cause for celebration?

“Some strains … they just grind perfectly. And as expected, the tiny nugs from my bottle did just that.”

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