Ohio Strain Review:

O'Ryan Kush

Is This High-THC Indica As Powerful As They Say?

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Josh D and Song are the labels for Calyx Peak in Akron. You can read a review of the Song strain, Whip It, by clicking here. Josh D cannabis is grown by world-famous cannabis cultivator, Josh Del Rosso.

This Rubber City native comes in a white glass jar, about the size of an apple. The jar itself is gorgeous. There’s a good weight to it, and the durability stands out. However, the labeling — as mentioned in previous Josh D strain reviews — is just OK. A little more design to the labels and packaging for Calyx Peak cannabis would rank among my very favorites.

RATING 3.2/5:

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

O’Ryan Kush sports a classic kush appearance, with a rich layer of trichomes coating the surface. These trichomes range in color, from crystal clear to a faint mustard yellow. As this is an indica strain, trichomes tend to lean closer to a yellow hue than white. 

Pistils and stigma stand out much more prominently than the trichomes, piercing the surface with crisp, caramelized orange hues. The lush sea of green beneath the surface accents the bud perfectly, providing just enough punch to bring out the strain’s lively colors.

RATING 4.4/5:

How Does It Grind?

The bud nuggets in my jar ranged in size, from very tiny — the size of a pea — up to mid-sized, about the size of a quarter. These smaller pieces made for perfect grinding. Just a few small nugs and I had about three bowls worth of plant material, all ready to be vaped!

The material itself ground up quickly. It wasn’t too brittle, or too difficult to turn the grinder. Cannabis was properly trimmed and cured. Patients with pain in their hands shouldn’t have too much trouble grinding this cannabis. But like other Josh D strains, some cannabis patients may be disappointed they aren’t chewing down a two-inch thick nug. That said, smaller pieces tend to result in a better grind overall.

RATING 4.5/5:

Smell Before Vaping

The Myrcene terpenes found within this plant dropped a lovely floral scent from the moment I twisted off the bottle cap. This scent opens up in the grinder, adding to it additional fruity notes — a hint of lemon and citrus. Just a slight twinge of Humulene tops things off. This creates a diesel-like aroma to the backend of the overall scent.

I found the initial burst of aromas to be slightly overpowering. That said, I enjoyed just having my grinder open while I vaped this cannabis, just so the pleasant odors of this strain could reach my nostrils every so often. If you dig a complex aroma with your cannabis, this one should do the trick.

RATING 4.7/5:

The Taste Test

I vaped this Ohio medical marijuana with my usual devices, an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer and a Pax portable vaporizer. I recommend starting off with a bag or bowl set at a lower temperature, to open the terpenes. After that first bag or bowl, work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids. 

Humulene steps up to the plate with the first few hits of the vape bag. I was hit with tasty diesel and hops-like flavors, followed swiftly by rich floral notes and a few spices. This results in a very soothing taste that works well to transcend the holistic benefits of this strain. I also noticed a slight hint of lime and lemon on my tongue as I exhaled that made my mouth feel refreshed.

The aftertaste on this strain isn’t particularly strong, which is good! Sometimes, Humulene can render a dirty aftertaste, or too much diesel flavor in the mouth following vaping. That isn’t the case here. Instead, I noted a floral aftertaste, like drinking an herbal tea before bed. 

I did note that additional bags increased the hops flavor, but not enough to deter the experience. Rather, I found each vaped bag contained more flavors and more surprises as the terpenes and cannabinoids engaged. By my last bag, I was treated to a few final fruity notes, complemented by one last burst of lavender.

This cannabis would likely pair well with an herbal tea or a glass of smooth red wine. Nothing too dry or fruity. Pick a drink that is equally as relaxing and floral as this strain. 

RATING 4.6/5:

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Calyx Peak has two cultivation facilities, a Tier I facility and a Tier II facility. Tier II cannabis can be higher in THC than Tier I. Such is the case with O’Ryan Kush. This indica strain (with slight hybrid notes) packs an impressive 27.41% THC. 

I had run a 5K the day before vaping this strain. My joints were stiff and muscles were sore. I was looking for some relief for the inflammation and pain. I prefer to minimize my usage of pain medications like ibuprofen or prescription medications and steroids. These can be great tools, but I prefer a holistic approach before a prescription approach. 

My cannabis consultant highly recommended this strain for pain and inflammation. When I woke the morning after my 5K with inflammation, I reached for O’Ryan. My first vaped bag was light and dreamy. After one hit, I began to feel relaxation in my joints. By the time I had finished the first bag, I was in a state of pure relaxation. 

As this wave of relaxation washed over me, my pain eased up significantly, so much so, I felt like running again. Instead, I took that energy and got my yard mowed. I stayed in a calm state of relaxation for several hours. Euphoria from this strain was spread throughout the body, focused less on the mind and more on joints and muscles. 

This strain may work well for those with digestive issues or spasms, or those with pain or inflammation. Those sensitive to high THC strains could find that the portable experience provides a better way to medicate as it’s easier to control how much or how little you dose within a medication period.

RATING 4.4/5:

Final Thoughts on O'Ryan

The relaxation effect from O’Ryan Kush isn’t so intoxicating that I felt couch-locked or unproductive. And the euphoria from this strain wasn’t so powerful that I felt anxiety or tension in my head. Rather, O’Ryan delivered gentle relaxation to my body as I continued to be productive. 

This is a knockout strain from Josh D! O’Ryan Kush is a must-try for those who are not sensitive to higher THC strains. This bud looks amazing, smells delightful, tastes great and relaxes the body in ways only a great indica can. If you see this one in your Ohio medical marijuana dispensary, check it out!


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