Cokoh Glow Indica
Vape Kit Review

Strawberry fields and relaxing nights.

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Cokoh Glow is presented in a stylish tin that’s secured by three buttons that must be pushed simultaneously in order to open the case. It’s a bit cumbersome, particularly considering that the security-seal sticker is placed over one of the three buttons. Patients with any pain in their hands or fingers may want to have a caretaker open the package for them.

Outside of that, this presentation is stellar. I was drawn to the packaging at the dispensary. I had to buy one, just to enjoy the look and feel (and use the tin for storage in the future). I’m not sure if this tin is recyclable, unfortunately. There is no symbol, so I’m assuming the tin cannot be recycled. That would be a great future tweak to this stunning package.

Inside, the vape pen itself is secured in a foam lining, not unlike a new phone. The pen itself is black, sleek and simplistic, and resembles the usual vape pen you see in head shops or dispensaries out of state. The pen itself can be dragged on simply be inhaling, as you would any cigarette or vape device. A white light glows on one end when you hit the pen, not unlike a cigarette as you take a drag.

Please note: this is a single use unit, so once the cannabis oil is gone, the unit is to be discarded. Those looking to reduce your carbon footprint may want to avoid these types of pens as they can be wasteful. That said, many patients do prefer these types of pens to better control their use.

RATING 3.6/5:

The Taste Test

For those looking to step away from the typical cannabis flavors and terpenes, cannabis oils are an excellent route. Cokoh Glow has a few flavors out there. We’ll try to test them all out over the next few months. The indica version of this vape pen suggested the taste was Strawberry Cheesecake. Frankly, I felt the taste was more akin to strawberry-banana. That’s not a bad thing, either. 

I found myself taking hits just to enjoy the flavor. It reminded me of those scented strawberry stickers from my youth. No matter how many times those stickers were scratched, the delightful aroma was always on point. The same can be said for this vape pen. 

Each hit was light and breezy, but carried with it that familiar banana taste, like banana pudding — something almost creamy (likely to emulate a cheesecake flavor). It was subtle on the palette, complementing the powerful (but not overwhelming) strawberry notes. 

You won’t find much in terms of cannabis taste, though just a tiny bit of hops was detected on the tongue towards the end of the pen’s life. For the most part, this pen is exactly as expected — a strawberry delight.

RATING 4.6/5:
Cokoh Glow Vape Pen Specs

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Cokoh Glow contains 207mg of THC and 12mg of CBD. The total weight of the oil is 300mg. Honestly, I’m rarely impressed with the potency of vape oil pens, and Ohio’s limits on THC certainly won’t help that. I have to dose with the device over and over again just to feel a fraction of the sensations I feel with smoking or vaping one single bowl of dry flower cannabis. And for my $50, I can stretch dry flower much, much longer. But I still love vape pens, if only for the taste and relaxing sensation they often provide.

This pen is no different. The potency lasts only a few minutes until another hit must be taken. This isn’t bad per se, it’s just worth noting for patients who prefer a higher concentration of THC. For those who do, this pen is potent but better for microdosing. Casual medical marijuana patients will likely enjoy everything this pen has to offer. It’s a light experience, focused on relaxation, with only a moderate euphoric effect. There are approximately 25.5 8mg doses found within the pen. I split that up and took about 100 hits over two days, until the pen was cached.

I’ve been settling into the difficult experience of losing a sibling this year, and it has sparked PTSD, depression and loads of anxiety. Pens like these can work great to microdose when problems or difficult circumstances arise. Almost like using an inhaler, these products can provide fast relief. Patients with stomach issues may want to consider vape oil pens for this reason. And anxieties can also be washed away with some relaxing indica vape pens. Where dry flower may provide an intense experience, vape oil pens provide a smooth ride.

I didn’t cough, detect pain in my chest, stinging in my throat, experience lung distress or sneeze at all while using this pen. These are often a sign of cannabis oil that’s been heavily cut with other additives. With the current vape crisis sweeping the nation into a panic, it’s important to know your sources and make sure that what you are putting into your lungs is safe to use. I am pleased to report that I didn’t note any major issues while using this pen. 

RATING 3.4/5:
Cokoh Glow Fire

Final Thoughts on Cokoh Glow

Cokoh Glow tastes delightful, and can pack a punch. But the effect wears off pretty fast. That said, for those looking to microdose with their medical cannabis, or those who enjoy a more mild cannabis experience, this vape pen should do the trick. It’s light on the lungs, tasty and very relaxing.


But this is the question that continues to loom over every patient in Ohio

This strain takes a minute to work, but once it does, it only gets stronger and more intense as you continue to vape it.

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