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Gaia Cannabis Oil Cartridge by

BeneLeaves Allures With This Hybrid Oil Cartridge Kit.

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

BeneLeaves Gaia Hybrid Cannabis Oil Cartridge Kit is produced by BeneLeaves out of Columbus, Ohio. This cartridge kit comes with both a medical cannabis oil cartridge for vaporization, as well as the disposable vaping unit itself.

Like with all disposable cannabis oil kits, the pen, once used, can simply be discarded. While not the best for the environment, some patients prefer this method over others to better control their usage.

That said, a lot of manufacturers are now including kits that can be recharged, so that the pen can get multiple uses, even after the oil cartridge has emptied (or if the battery dies before the cart is cached). Alas, BeneLeaves is not yet one of these manufacturers. Fingers crossed we see that change in the next year or so!

Packaging for BeneLeaves is … OK. The vape kit comes packed in a sealed black pouch. Labeling is easy to read, and the pouch is modestly easy to open as well. Logos and design are just fine. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the font (cooper) used for the logo, but that’s a very minor quibble for this otherwise good presentation.

The pen itself is a little more frustrating. BeneLeaves took this opportunity to place their logo, and a THC warning, on the vape’s battery. Though I get the methodology, this removes any discretion a patient may have when vaping. I ended up peeling the BeneLeaves logo off the pen for more discretion.

RATING: 3.2/5

The Taste Test

This vape pen doesn’t quite reach for the stars in terms of flavor. There’s a strong citrus current that provides an enjoyable mixture of orange and lemon notes. This flavor leans less sugary and is more akin to a citrus rind, with an occasional bitter bite about mid-vape (likely from added terpenes for flavor). There’s very little by way of cannabis taste to this one, though I could taste just a slight hint of green flavor on occasion.

To be honest, a slightly different mixture of terpenes may have yielded a more unique flavor. As it stands, BeneLeaves Gaia is pretty average. The flavor is neither bad, nor is it really very memorable. But it does get the job done with a sparkling citrus palette.

BeneLeaves Showcase 2
RATING: 3.6/5

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

My BeneLeaves Gaia Hybrid Cannabis Oil kit contained 348mg of THC and 48mg of CBD in total. One 10-second draw should yield roughly 11.6mg of THC. There are roughly 30 10-second pulls, but you can extend this simply by taking shorter pulls. Honestly, I lost count with how many pulls I got. I’d say I got somewhere around 100 before the pen was cached. 

As I’ve mentioned before in my review of Cokoh Glow, vape pens don’t always do the trick for me. I find that microdosing isn’t always enough to satisfy my medicinal needs, like calming anxiety and other symptoms of PTSD. For relaxation, however, these pens are quite excellent, providing a smooth experience with very little “high” or euphoria. I like to sip on these pens, taking small shots of THC and CBD. This helps calm muscles and ease any tension in my neck and spine, while gently soothing my mind.

Gaia provides exactly that — a relaxing way to detress after a tough day. Though perhaps not as potent for me as some of the other oils I’ve tried, like Butterfly Effect’s Refill Kit, I enjoyed the soothing sensations on my back and abdomen that this vape provided. 

RATING: 4.3/5
BeneLeaves Details

Final Thoughts on Gaia Oil

BeneLeaves Gaia isn’t the most potent oil I’ve tried, nor is it the most flavorful. But it is a dependable oil that relaxes and destresses while offering strong citrus notes to soothe the senses. While not my go-to, BeneLeaves is well worth a try for Ohio vape enthusiasts.


Euphoria creeps up with this one, building to a crescendo about an hour or two after eating the edible.

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  2. Greg Thomas says:

    How do I recharge my beneleaves vapepen? I still have the oil left and I can’t get any vapes.

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