Ohio Medical Marijuana
Turns One!

Happy Birthday, Ohio Marijuana!

Last January marked the one-year anniversary of dispensaries opening in Ohio. It was a long, bumpy road to getting there, but on a cold, icy frigid Ohio winter day, scores of patients were able to obtain legal medical cannabis in the Buckeye State for the very first time.

I was among the frozen patients, many of which were suffering from serious ailments, including conditions like fibromyalgia and cancer. 

The mood was unforgettable, and though the cold of waiting outside that day still haunts my bones, it was a profound experience being able to take part in such a historic day for Ohio and Ohioans alike. 

But now that it’s been just over a year … what has changed? We’ll take a look!

Prices & Changes In Ohio

Perhaps the biggest complaint that any patient will level against Ohio medical marijuana is the price of the cannabis itself. The cost of medical reefer has been the subject of many editorials and TV news segments. And rarely will you find a patient who is 100% happy dolling out $50 for 1.83 grams of dry flower. After all, such expenses add up after time, and many patients require a large amount of cannabis to help their needs.

However, as the year has continued, more dispensaries were able to open their doors, as well as more cultivators. This had led to more competition, more product on the market … and better prices, sort of. Alas, prices for 1.83 grams of cannabis still run a little high, with very few running below $40. That said, most dispensaries are now offering discounts and deals, as well as bulk containers that deliver a steeper discount. 

If you haven’t been to your local dispensary yet, be sure to visit them and see what discounts or services they offer. Many dispensaries, including The Botanist and Clubhouse Dispensary, will even text you alerts about sales, deals or discounts. Some dispensaries, like RiSe or Terrasana, even accept credit card via an online banking system called Hypur.

It is also worth noting that the system for 90-day allotments for patients has also changed. This “rolling 90 days” allows patients a little more freedom with the quantities of cannabis they purchase. Alas, cultivators are still penalized for growing high THC strains as Ohio’s THC limit continues to be a burden. This is also why some award-winning strains haven’t made their way to the Buckeye State just yet. That said, many cultivators are still growing top shelf strains, and have worked to enhance their terpene profiles to create more medicinally effective strains.

CBD Hits The Market

With the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp and CBD products are officially legal nationwide. This means that many retailers, from gas stations to grocery stores, started selling CBD. 

For some patients skeptical to join the Ohio cannabis bandwagon, this seemed like a great solution. After all, not every patient needs THC for their medical condition. For some, CBD will be all they’ll need. 

Alas, not all CBD is created equal. Like many plant-based products on the market, quality can vary based on the product harvested, and the methods of harvest and production that were used. For example, if hemp is treated with pesticides, the CBD may also contain these toxic chemicals. As a result, patients must diligently do their homework before investing in any CBD products.

Worse, many of these products are just as expensive, if not more expensive, than many Ohio medical marijuana products. For example, a bottle of CBD averages roughly $40-80 whereas a bottle of 1:1 Cannabis Tincture from Butterfly Effects runs about the same price.

Though CBD has many benefits, be sure you’re getting a good product at a good value before you pull the trigger.

Recalls Of Ohio Cannabis

Though the vaping crisis did not strike the Ohio medical marijuana legal market, there were a few recalls in the state that were handled rather quickly. Standard Wellness, One Orijin and Galenas all had recalls. Standard Wellness recalled cannabis drops, Galenas recalled some dry flower, and One Orijin recalled rosin. 

Each recall was managed rather quickly, with emails being sent out to patients instructing them to return the products to dispensaries for a refund. 

Though recalls are annoying, for both manufacturers and patients, they are an important part of the success of Ohio’s program. Recalls ensure that patients get the safest, best product, preventing a new vaping crisis (or other problem) before it even starts.

Galenas Harvest Strain

Recreation Hits Illinois & Michigan, Is Ohio Next?

A crushing wave of recreational support is coming to Ohio. But first, we must wait and see how full legalization of cannabis goes in states like Illinois and Michigan, where cannabis finally became legal. Michigan saw legalization in 2019, and Illinois just legalized recreational cannabis starting January 1st, 2020. 

Both states moving to legalize marijuana represents a seismic shift in public opinion regarding cannabis in the Midwest. In fact, it’s such a strong shift that other neighboring states are already beginning to consider legalization or legislation that legalizes cannabis.

Such a shift could reach Ohio as early as 2020, but with a Governor who appears opposed to signing cannabis legalization measures, it’s not likely Ohio will see full legalization unless Mike DeWine is ousted during his re-election in 2022.

What's In Store For The Future of Ohio Marijuana

So that’s the first year of medical cannabis in Ohio. Prices are still a little high, but discounts are slowly rolling out, and prices continue to slide every so often. We’re likely to see more dispensaries open in 2020, and we will hopefully see more products and more dry flower hitting the market in the next few weeks. We already know that Galenas has some serious buds growing at their facility in Akron. We can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for patients in 2020!

What are your thoughts on the first year of cannabis in Ohio? Would you like to see the state loosen restrictions? What do you think about the prices compared to other states? Is there one brand you prefer over another? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, be sure to give our reviews section a look for our take on the latest strains, products and edibles, or check out the video above for a highlight of the strains we photographed this year.

The educational materials, editorials and reviews found on this site are provided for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for patients or recreational cannabis users and their actions. Please consult your medical marijuana physician or pharmacist about how to properly medicate with medical cannabis, or to learn how to get your Ohio medical marijuana card.

This strain looks almost … alien. Like it was cultivated in a slightly different environment than your usual strain, and the results are a richer, more saturated bud, with stronger oranges. It’s really something beautiful to behold!

This tincture will hit your tongue and nearly disappear in your mouth. But it will leave behind a lovely, sweet yellow cake aftertaste. This taste is frighteningly accurate, too.

Oranges bath over the greens, softening the sharper colors of the leaves, like purple and pine. Trichomes absorb this orange as well, giving the bud a slight amber hue.

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