Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Review:

Butterfly Effect
Blue Raspberry

Gummies That Pack A 20mg THC Punch!

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging & Gummies: First Impressions

Butterfly Effect Gummies are produced by Grow Ohio, out of Zanesville. Gummies are housed in a simplistic, recyclable white plastic bottle. There are eleven gummies per bottle, each containing roughly 20mg of THC per gummie. 

Butterfly Effect’s 220mg THC Gummies are flavored like blue raspberry. It is worth noting for diabetics that these gummies are not sugar free, containing cane sugar, pectin and glucose syrup.

Unfortunately, I really did not like this bottle for a gummie product. The opening is simply too small. This wouldn’t be an issue if the gummies were loose in the bottle, but they are usually stuck together. It took several minutes, but I ended up prying my gummies out of the bottle using a screwdriver and some tweezers. After, I placed the gummies into an old Josh D white glass jar, and placed the gummies into my fridge for storage.

While the process of getting these gummies out wasn’t too much of a headache for me, I can’t imagine how difficult this would be for the elderly, those hard of seeing, those with anxiety, or those with chronic pain in their hands or fingers…or all of the above. A container with a wider opening should be considered in the future, as well as a container with a clear seal, so patients can see the product they are buying.

Once you get the gummies out, patients are treated to eleven square edibles crafted into the shape of the THC warning logo. The gummies are a dazzling shade of ocean blue, coated in a modest amount of granular sugar. These gummies have no discernible cannabis smell, making them great for travel.

RATING: 2.4/5

The Taste Test

Butterfly Effect’s Blue Raspberry Gummies taste exactly like the name describes. Though raspberry isn’t my personal favorite, there is a striking blue raspberry flavor that’s neither too strong nor too sweet. The flavor dissipates rather quickly after the gummie has been chewed, or allowed to dissolve, leaving no distracting aftertastes on the tongue.

There’s also a slight hint of flavor from the cannabis oil itself, most noticeable on the first few bites. This offers an almost sour-like pinch to the blue raspberry palette that adds to the enjoyment of this gummie.

RATING: 4.6/5
Butterfly Effect Gummie Up Close

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Butterfly Effect Gummies come in multiple forms, ranging from CBD only to 1:1 THC and CBD to THC only gummies. This hybrid gummie has 227mg of THC, and only about 6mg of CBD. This is stretched out over 11 gummies, providing about 20mg of THC per gummie, and less than .5mg of CBD.

As with all edibles, be sure to take it slow. Eat one gummie and wait at least one hour. Frankly, I like to wait at least two hours. This ensures the medicine is being metabolized and is working in my system. For most patients, one (and even a half) gummie will do the trick. But for those with a higher tolerance, or deeper medicinal needs, two or more gummies may be needed.

I had rather enjoyed Wana’s 1:1 Gummies, but wanted to try something with more THC as my mind and body respond very well to it. Butterfly Effect’s 220mg Gummies provide a little more than double the amount of THC compared to the 1:1 gummies from Wana. There is virtually no CBD in these gummies. This results in a very different experience, leaning harder on euphoria. 

There is a headband effect that grows in intensity for 1-2 hours before melting down the spine, providing a gentle massage effect on the muscles and joints. This lead to considerable pain relief for me that lasted the whole day.

Like many hybrid edible products, I found the experience to lean more sativa than indica, with this gummie’s euphoric effect sticking in my head for longer than I was expecting. This did result in some tasks being more difficult than usual. As such, I would recommend this one for weekends or for relaxing, after you’ve completed work, or other complicated daily tasks you may have. 

That said, I found this gummie very energizing on my mind. Anxieties poured away and I felt a sense of joy and excitement throughout my medication experience. I also felt my creative juices flowing. This gummie had me writing and taking photos, and wanting to cook enticing recipes. I did, however, find that my mind was racing as I went to bed. Though my sleep was relaxing and refreshing, likely a side effect of the indica side of this gummie, it did take some time to fall asleep.

Overall, I rather enjoyed this hybrid gummie, though I do wish I could get a balanced 1:1 gummie with 20mg of THC and 20mg of CBD.

RATING: 4.7/5
Butterfly Effect Gummies Bottle and Details

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Effect Blue Raspberry Gummies

Butterfly Effect’s Blue Raspberry Gummies are quite tasty, and come on pretty strong. Even better, these gummies continue to provide waves of euphoria and pain relief for hours after consuming. If you’ve been looking for a higher THC edible, this gummie might do the trick.


For relaxation, these pens are quite excellent, providing a smooth experience with very little “high” or euphoria. 

Euphoria creeps up with this one, building to a crescendo about an hour or two after eating the edible.

My licensed medical marijuana patient consultant at the dispensary suggested this tincture for new patients who haven’t yet tried cannabis. … patients with stomach or gastrointestinal issues or pain, as this tincture is great for relaxation and easing inflammation.

5 Comments on Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Review: Butterfly Effect Blue Raspberry Gummies (220mg THC)

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  2. Tim says:

    220mg 1:1 Watermelon Gummies are hitting shelves very soon from Butterfly Effect 👍

  3. Maranda Shannon says:

    I’ve been having problems with my luster pods clogging and spitting in my mouth. This is the 3rd time, but let it go to see if others would be different? I’m a loyal customer of strawberry Fields dayton, ohio and absolutley love your luster pods. I’m not sure I can keep spending the money if they are gonna get clogged and not hit. Actually it burnt my battery up too? I’m confused. I have pictures and will send the pod back. Is there anything you can do to keep me a happy customer? Like I said your brand is the best around!!!

    • Randy S says:

      You’ll need to reach out to Butterfly Effect for problems with products. We are a review site and are not affiliated with Butterfly Effect, or any medical cannabis cultivator. Best of luck!

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