Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review:

Do-Si-Dos #22 by Buckeye Relief

Round and Round You Go!

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Do-Si-Dos #22 (aka Dosidos 22) is an indica flower cultivated by the team at Buckeye Relief, out of Eastlake, Ohio. The bud is contained in a recyclable clear plastic bottle. It is a notable improvement from Buckeye Relief’s original bottles, from the easy-open lid, to the see-through container. Patients can finally see the bud they are buying, and the flower doesn’t arrive overly dry.

RATING: 4.8/5

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

My 2.83 gram bottle of Dosidos 22 contained one large nug, about the size of a silver dollar, as well as four or five smaller nugs. These nugs were perfectly cured, with thick density, and were nice and sticky to the touch.

Up close, this flower isn’t the most radiant bud I’ve seen, but does sport a dazzling sea of trichomes. The underside of the leaves are coated with darker, more foamy looking trichomes, whereas the surface of the leaves are a bit glass-like.

There are also tiny sparks of lavender hiding under the pine leaves. These splashes show up even more once this sticky flower is ground down.

RATING: 4.6/5

Smell Before Vaping

The aroma of Do-Si-Dos #22 is quite strong, with the potential to fill a room in mere moments. Once you open that bottle, expect to be hit with some powerful pine notes, a hint of lemon, and an almost creamy accent, like milk or butter. Once ground, the stronger odors of this flower calm down a bit, allowing the sweeter citrus notes some room to breath.

RATING: 4.8/5

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids. 

The pinene terpene really opens up once vaped, delivering a strong but surprisingly gentle pine flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the senses, but also dissipates a little quicker than expected. There are also creamy lemon accents throughout, a sweet grape through-thread, and a soft hint of pepper that I noted when I initially began vaping this strain. 

This bud would go nicely with a sweet herbal tea, a nice amber beer, or even a clear alcohol, like vodka.

RATING: 4.7/5

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

Note: The medicinal benefits noted in this strain profile are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender. 

Do-Si-Dos #22 by Buckeye Relief is an indica strain, a cross of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. The bottle I purchased contained cannabis with 23.3% THC and 0.00% CBD. 

This strain came strongly recommended by a fellow Ohio medical marijuana patient who watches our YouTube reviews, so thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m so happy I was able to locate this flower.

Dosidos is known for its uplifting qualities, anxiety relief, relaxation and help with sleep. This strain is a bit of a creeper, too. 

After my first bag, I didn’t notice very much medicinal effect, but as I began my second vape bag, I could feel a rush of happiness that all but washed away the anxiety I had been battling all day. Chest pains and nervousness vanished, and I could feel a sense of calm.

By the end of my vape experience, the strong head rush of this strain had dissolved, transforming into a more relaxing body high — perfect for late night movie watching, or an hour or so before bed. 

RATING: 4.9/5
Buckeye Relief - Dosidos 22 - Showcase 1080 2

Final Thoughts on Dosidos 22

Do-Si-Dos #22 is a solid indica from Buckeye Relief, with a sweet creamy aroma and a lemony pine taste. Medicinally, there’s a lot to love about this flower, too. It’s a great stress reliever, providing uplifting energy and mental relaxation at the start, followed by a nice calming sleepiness. If you love indica flowers, check this one out.


Please be aware: Percentages of THC, CBD and terpene profiles can vary greatly between cannabis harvests. This means that some strains profiled at 420oh.io will contain higher, exact or lower percentages of active chemical compounds when purchased at Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries during different harvest seasons.

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