Ohio Medical Marijuana Gear Review:

KANNASTöR GR8TR Grinder, Utility Tool & SmellSafe Safe Case by RYOT

Practical Grinding, Cleaning & Storage Options...

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer


Time to take a look at some cannabis gear available in Ohio, both in some select dispensaries, as well as head shops and online! The folks at RYOT recently sent us some new cleaning, grinding and storage products, so we thought we’d take some time here to go in-depth with each one.

We’ll be taking a look at a trio of items: the KANNASTöR V2 GR8TR Grinder, the RYOT Utility Tool & their SmellSafe Safe Case. Once again, many thanks to the folks at RYOT for sending us these products to review. Please note: RYOT did not sponsor, compensate or pay us in any way for a positive review or endorsement of these products.

View the video below for the full review, or click below to read separate reviews of each product.

RYOT - Gear Together

Final Thoughts on RYOT Gear

While there’s certainly room for new versions of the Kannastor Grinder and the Utility Tool, both products work well together, and should provide patients with a pleasant grinding and cleaning experience. 

The SmellSafe Safe Case is the best of the bunch, however, providing an excellent storage unit that locks in odors, and provides enough space for both flower and additional gear. 

We take a look at Sherbhead, an uplifting, popular hybrid from Calyx Peak. aka Local Cannabis Company. You may also know this flower under the brand, Klutch Cannabis (the new owners of Calyx Peak).

For health enthusiasts seeking an enticing alternative to sugar or nut-based cannabis edibles, Wellspring Fields might just have what you’ve been looking for because this infused high THC Olive Oil is straight fire.

A patient request this week! We check out Grandpa’s Mustache by Ancient Roots, a popular cannabis cultivator out of Wilmington, Ohio. So how does this 50/50 hybrid hit? Find out!

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