Ohio Strain Review:

Forbidden Fruit

Should you be tempted by this Forbidden Fruit?!?

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Bullseye Gardens is the label for Farkas Farms. This Tier I cannabis cultivator has been working diligently to provide Ohio medical cannabis patients with top-quality strains. They are newer on the market, so patients should start to see more strains soon.

Packaging for Bullseye Gardens is simple, like a bag of beef jerky. And that’s not a bad thing. Functionality is key with any packaging. Cannabis here comes in a black plastic humidity-controlled pouch, made by Grove Bags. There is a small two-inch wide clear window in the black plastic so patients can see the cannabis they are buying. 

This is perhaps one of the top designs on the Ohio cannabis market because it is simple and functional. The window provides patients the ability to view their cannabis, and the plant material itself is protected in an environment perfect to keep cannabis fresh. 

Sadly, I’m not sure if these bags can be recycled as no recycle symbols were present on the pouch. Outside of that issue, this packaging is a standout.

RATING 4.3/5:

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

Getting decently sized nugs is difficult with Ohio’s 2.83 gram limit. Most meaty nugs are gonna tip the scales at 3 grams or more, making them ineligible for a day’s supply. However, Farkas Farms definitely comes close with this strain. Nugs in my pouch were thick and sticky, larger than a quarter and up to the size of a silver dollar. They were wonderfully trimmed and cured to the perfect consistency, not too brittle and not too soft.

To say this is a colorful strain would be an understatement. This is one of the most visually appealing strains I have ever laid eyes on. Purples stand out here, vividly painting the green landscape with splashes of color that make you feel like you’re looking at some kind of exotic candy. 

Purples are accented by deep, rich oranges from the cannabis pistils. And greens are striking, richer in color than most cannabis strains. It was a pure joy taking photos of Forbidden Fruit. It is just beautiful.


How Does It Grind?

This strain has larger nugs, so Ohio patients should consider breaking up the bud into a few smaller pieces before grinding. Doing any less will result in a tougher grind than normal. However, if the bud is broken up into small pieces, it should grind clean, with little trouble.

A lot of trichomes fell off this strain as I ground it up. I would recommend a grinder with a kief catcher for this strain. If you don’t have this kind of grinder, it would be best to lay out all the cannabis you ground up so that the kief layers can recover the cannabis. This way, you can collect up however much cannabis you need for a bowl without losing much of that precious kief

RATING 4.1/5:

Smell Before Vaping

As this strain is called Forbidden Fruit, I was expecting something fruity, similar to Song’s Whip It Strain. However, with Myrcene as the top terpene profile, this cannabis strain smelled more like fresh herbs or lavender rather than fruit. While some fruit citrus notes were detected, these notes filled out the backend of the overall aroma. That’s not to say this cannabis smelled bad. Hardly.

Forbidden Fruit smells like a walk through a flower garden during bloom. It isn’t overpowering or aggressive, but soft and soothing to the senses. It feels less forbidden and more welcoming. But perhaps that’s the point of any forbidden fruit … it’s meant to “feel” welcoming. Tempting. With that in mind, this cannabis does a great job enticing the senses!

RATING 4.6/5:

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer and a Pax portable vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids. 

This one tastes just like it smells. Myrcene delivers a fresh bouquet of herbs, spices and floral flavors accented by the Limonene, rendering rich notes of lavender and lilac. My first bag hit me with earthy flavors for the first few hits. However, as the bag emptied, I kept noting the sweet flavor of apples.

As I went on with later bags, a lavender and apple flavor began to emerge that was not only intoxicating, but had me coming back for more. That’s when it became perfectly clear why this strain is called Forbidden Fruit.

RATING 4.6/5:

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

This strain contains 21.48% THCA. Forbidden Fruit is a hybrid strain, leaning 70% indica and 30% sativa. For those sensitive to sativa strains, this is a great strain for dipping your toes into sativa without going in head first.

The day I medicated with this strain, I was suffering from terrible pain in my shoulder. This pain began shortly before bed, and came on acutely. It became clear by the morning that bursitis inflammation was the culprit. My body is sensitive to pressure system changes, and the perfect storm of ingredients (exercise, overexertion and pressure) can yield an acute attack like this.

I have searched far and wide for a strain that would work, but most cannabis strains have not proven very helpful with bursitis. However, I was stunned to find that Forbidden Fruit did an excellent job easing much of the pain I was enduring. After two or three bags, I had more mobility and range in my shoulder than before. And I was more relaxed about the pain.

That said, this strain wasn’t able to temper the pain completely. Bursitis can be a trickier inflammation. However, those with inflammation may find quite a bit of relief here. 

At the same time, the sativa undercurrent of this hybrid will go to town on your mind. I felt more energy and more productive. I love exercising and doing chores after medicating as these types of activities can be more soothing and relaxing to me while medicating. A good hybrid strain is perfect for doing just that.

Some hybrids can give me the jitters. I did not note this during my medication experience. This is a well-balanced hybrid that can deliver awesome indica body benefits while providing just enough euphoria and energy to make this a good mid-day strain.

RATING 4.2/5:
Bullseye - Frobidden Fruit

Final Thoughts on Forbidden Fruit

This was my first experience with Farkas Farms cannabis. I had been told by the budtender to give this strain a shot, and that budtender did not let me down. Forbidden Fruit is a tasty treat that lives up to its illustrious name.

Those looking for a good indica-dominant hybrid should give this strain a shot. I can’t wait to check out what else Farkas Farms has up their sleeve next time I visit an Ohio medical marijuana dispensary! 


THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is found on raw, live cannabis plants. As THCA is dried, the compounds slowly convert to THC. 

Linalool steps up to the plate as the dominating terpene. Pinene and Limonene are also present throughout…

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