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I have finally found my favorite Ohio medical marijuana strain! Rainbow Chip from Farkas Farms (aka Bullseye Gardens) is it! Find out why this hybrid vapes oh so nice.

The Archive...

This week we profile Motorbreath, a much-requested strain from Klutch Cannabis out of Akron, Ohio. How does this powerful Tier II indica stack up against the competition? Find out!

This week we take another look at a cannabis vape cart, this time a distillate! The strain: Master Kush by Verano, aka Mother Grows Best out of Canton, Ohio.

We return from our late summer break with a look at some cannabis vaping oils, beginning with a live resin! The strain is Close Encounter, an indica by AiroPro (cannabis cultivated by Buckeye Relief).

We finally get our hands on some Firelands Scientific cannabis. this cultivator is located out of Huron, Ohio. The flower we’ll be looking at is aptly named, Guice. It is a hybrid Ohio medical marijuana strain. Find out how this flower stacks up!

We check back with Klutch Cannabis in Akron to profile 999, one of their hottest, and latest, Josh D strains. Learn more about this mind-bending indica flower.

We check out NYC FLO, another  Ohio medical marijuana recommendation from our YouTube community. Is this Buckeye Relief hybrid flower worth adding to your dispensary cart?

Calyx Peak in Ohio has officially changed ownership. They are now Klutch Cannabis (aka Klutch Select). To celebrate, we take a look at Triangle Mintz (or Triangle Mints), a minty sativa flower from the cultivator.

 Reviews include: the KANNASTöR GR8TR Grinder, the RYOT Utility Tool & the SmellSafe Safe Case.

This indica-leaning hybrid strain from Butterfly Effect is great for unraveling stress after a busy day. But how does this strain stack up in terms of flavor?

We head on back to Farkas Farms for a look at Hell’s Bells, another enticing indica from Bullseye Gardens out of Akron, Ohio. Is this strain as awesome as other Farkas flowers?

A patient request this week! We check out Grandpa’s Mustache by Ancient Roots, a popular cannabis cultivator out of Wilmington, Ohio. So how does this 50/50 hybrid hit? Find out!

We take a look at Sherbhead, an uplifting, popular hybrid from Calyx Peak. aka Local Cannabis Company. You may also know this flower under the brand, Klutch Cannabis (the new owners of Calyx Peak).

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