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We check out NYC FLO, another  Ohio medical marijuana recommendation from our YouTube community. Is this Buckeye Relief hybrid flower worth adding to your dispensary cart?

 Reviews include: the KANNASTöR GR8TR Grinder, the RYOT Utility Tool & the SmellSafe Safe Case.

Calyx Peak in Ohio has officially changed ownership. They are now Klutch Cannabis (aka Klutch Select). To celebrate, we take a look at Triangle Mintz (or Triangle Mints), a minty sativa flower from the cultivator.

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We head on back to Farkas Farms for a look at Hell’s Bells, another enticing indica from Bullseye Gardens out of Akron, Ohio. Is this strain as awesome as other Farkas flowers?

A patient request this week! We check out Grandpa’s Mustache by Ancient Roots, a popular cannabis cultivator out of Wilmington, Ohio. So how does this 50/50 hybrid hit? Find out!

We take a look at Sherbhead, an uplifting, popular hybrid from Calyx Peak. aka Local Cannabis Company. You may also know this flower under the brand, Klutch Cannabis (the new owners of Calyx Peak).

We dive right into this nutty Ohio medical marijuana edible. The high THC cannabis-infused peanut butter by Wellspring Fields packs a whopping 48 mg of THC per tablespoon!

We profile Miami Heat, a spicy sativa strain from cannabis cultivator, Firelands Scientific, located out of Huron, Ohio.

For health enthusiasts seeking an enticing alternative to sugar or nut-based cannabis edibles, Wellspring Fields might just have what you’ve been looking for because this infused high THC Olive Oil is straight fire.

We take a look at a high percentage THC indica strain from Wellspring Fields, titled GMO. Folks may know this strain by its other name: Garlic Cookies or Garlic, Mushrooms and Onions.

Following the murder of George Floyd, many protesters and activists are looking to cannabis legalization as one piece of puzzle to end systemic racism and mass incarceration. Marijuana Moment explores how cannabis legalization and racial justice are intertwined.

We try out another 14.15 gram bulk strain from Buckeye Relief, Ohio cannabis cultivator out of Eastlake, Ohio. The flower, 92 Cookies, is a sativa hybrid – a cross of Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream and Ghost OG.

Researchers out of the University of Colorado, Boulder have published a study that found that high-THC marijuana or concentrates do not necessarily correlate with higher intoxication. This could mean that THC testing at traffic stops would be ineffective.

We take a look at a highly recommended strain — Do-Si-Dos #22 (Dosidos 22) by Buckeye Relief. This flower is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, and she tastes quite delightful! Find it how this flower hits.

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