Ohio Strain Review:

Wedding Cake

Is this Woodward Fine Cannabis hybrid strain cause for celebration?

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer


Strain Name: Wedding Cake 

Brand Name: Woodward Fine Cannabis

Ohio Cultivator: Fire Rock Ltd. in Akron, Ohio

Type: Hybrid

Total THC: 26.02%

Total CBD: .10%

Notable Terpenes: myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene

Wedding Cake bottle

Packaging: First Impressions

The look of this cannabis is very elegant. Woodward Fine Cannabis is easily the most aesthetically pleasing cannabis packaging of the strains I’ve seen in Ohio. 

Other cultivators are packing their weed into tiny solid or translucent color vials or vacuum sealed packaging. Woodward delivers their cannabis in a clear bottle with lively colors on the label, and vintage font choices.

The whole presentation feels like you’re buying an old bottle of medicine from a vintage apothecary in the 1920s, with a few modern splashes thrown in to give the bottle its own unique character. While the bottle doesn’t necessarily have a “modern medicine” feel, it does tap into that niche market of patients who like a little style with their medical cannabis.

Plastic is the only downfall here, but there’s not much that can be done. Until a more earth-friendly alternative shows up for cannabis packaging — an alternative Ohio will allow, that is — be sure to recycle your cannabis bottles.

RATING 4.5/5:

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

This is a gorgeous looking cannabis strain, right out of the bottle. Nugs are dense and firm. I was reminded almost immediately of white widow strains. This strain has been perfectly trimmed, with no excess leaves, mold or wonky stems jutting out from the base of the nugs. 

White and yellow trichomes, which make up the active chemical compounds of cannabis, consume a large portion of the bud’s color. Subtle green and deep, almost purple greens are spread throughout the nugs, accented by tiny orange pistils. 

RATING 4.4/5:
Wedding Cake bottle open
Wedding Cake grind

How Does It Grind?

As many Ohio medical marijuana patients already know, not every cannabis grinds up well. Some buds can be dense and hard to grind. Other buds can be too dry and crumble in a grinder. While others will just jam up your grinder or break it all together (happened to me once).

Thankfully, Woodward Fine Cannabis is perfectly cured — just the right amount of humidity and dryness. While the bud I tested was firm and dense, once it met the teeth of my grinder, it chewed right down into a lovely consistency that’s absolutely perfect for vaping.

The grinder didn’t spit out any heavy chunks that need to be broken up, nor did it get jammed or grind too quickly (often a sign your cannabis is too dry). This bud was ready to go in just a few quick turns from my grinder. 

It is important to note, however, that the first two or three turns were tough as this bud is pretty dense. Medical marijuana patients suffering from serious hand-related pain, like arthritis, may want to have a caretaker grind the weed for them.

RATING 4.4/5:

Smell Before Vaping

This cannabis lives up to its name: Wedding Cake. This is a sweet smelling cannabis, with subtle citrus notes, a proverbial bouquet of tasty terpenes and a delicate diesel scent that reaches the nostrils after the initial burst of fruity and sugary smells. 

This hybrid contains a slew of other similar strains, most notably Girl Scout Cookies. If you’re familiar with the transcendent smell of that cannabis, then you know what’s in store for your nostrils. That said, not everyone goes for fruity cannabis, and hybrid scents can be a bit chaotic. But in terms of purely pleasing scents … I’d definitely make a candle out of the smell in this bottle.

RATING 3.7/5:

Wedding Cake Taste Test

I vaped Wedding Cake using an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer, as well as a Pax portable vaporizer. The fruity smell takes a backseat to the strain’s more earthy terpenes once vaped. Myrcene is particularly noticeable. This terpene adds a green taste akin to a bay leaf or cardamom. 

The enticing flavor takes a strong turn toward a clove taste mid-vape, likely from the caryophyllene terpene. Lastly, it is paired with a subtle citrus aftertaste that is quite delightful. It’s almost like using a breath mint, it’s that refreshing!

This cannabis seemed to favor lower vaping temperatures. Too hot and popcorn was the dominating flavor. Too low, and only the terpenes are noticeable. If you’re not a fan of that popcorn flavor, start low with this strain and work your way up to an agreeable temp.

RATING 3.7/5:

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

I have been dealing with a lot of arthritic pain due to the constant shifting pressure systems this June and July in Ohio. Cleveland has been hit with a lot of rain in 2019, so I’ve been dealing with back pain from a slipped disc that tends to go wild during heavy thunderstorms. I’m a very active person as well, and I love running and hiking, so my arthritic joints are in constant need of care during the summer, from icing to medicating with cannabis.

Wedding Cake is a hybrid strain that leans indica, and that was noticeable almost immediately. My body felt amazing. Within minutes, I could feel this strain massaging my inflamed muscles and joints, and calming my internal anxiety about the pain. I felt relaxed and energetic — almost as refreshed as the taste that was still singing in my mouth from this strain, several minutes later.

The hybrid’s sativa went to work about fifteen minutes later. This is not a strain that appears to cause productivity, so use later at night, after your key responsibilities are concluded for the day. The strain may, however, drive a lot of energy into those once pained joints. It may also clear your head of anxiety and depression. If you like to exercise, dance or work on creative art projects while medicating, this is a good strain for that.

I did feel some jitters and tingling from this strain, which is often an issue when I medicate with hybrids. The mixture of sativa and indica can often ignite a patient with energy and excitement, while also simultaneously soothing the mind. But those prone to paranoia or shaking may want to exhibit caution and start slow.

Wedding Cake Strain specifics
RATING 4.2/5:

Final Thoughts on Wedding Cake

Simply put, Wedding Cake is an awesome strain, wonderfully cultivated by the team at Fire Rock Ltd. in Akron, Ohio. The city of Akron doesn’t just have LeBron James to be proud of anymore. Woodward Fine Cannabis is doing Akron proud. I can’t wait to sample more of their new strains!  With an excellent taste, dazzling aroma and excellent medicinal effects, Wedding Cake is likely to become one of my go-to strains after a tough day.

Wedding Cake by Woodward Fine Cannabis

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