Ohio Strain Review:
Cresco Cookies

C is for Cookie … is it good enough for you?

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Cresco Cookies hails from Cresco Labs out of Yellow Springs. This Illinois company has been on the market for several years now. They were among the first few medical cannabis cultivators in Ohio. 

This 14.15g bulk container is simplistic and effective, though a little difficult to open. Patients with trouble in their hands may want to ask a caretaker to open this container. 

Unlike most Cresco labs containers, which are transparent, this container is white plastic. The label suggests this bulk container will host popcorn nugs rather than large colas or mid-sized nugs. Having a mention about the size of the nugs is likely something of a compromise for the lack of transparent containers, since patients cannot see the cannabis before buying. Labeling is sharp and clean, consistent with other Cresco packaging.

RATING 3.7/5:

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

Popcorn nugs is right! Taking photos of this cannabis was more than a little difficult because of the nug size. While some patients will have no issue handing mini nugs, those with vision or coordination problems could struggle a little more, and may want to avoid popcorn nugs altogether as they can slip out of the fingers and get lost very easily. That said, because these colas are tiny, they are likely to grind very well. We’ll see below!

The look of this cannabis is also somewhat stifled by the size. Up close, the complexity of this strain’s color is more noticeable, though. The leaves are a fine mixture of deep purples and lush greens, showered with honey-tinted trichomes — evidence that there’s a notable amount of CBD present in this strain.

I do wish my container had just one decent mid-sized nug, if only for photography purposes. That’s because it’s clear that this strain is a stunner in hiding. The delicious purples sang throughout the container, making me wish I could have enjoyed just one larger cola.

RATING 4.0/5:
Cresco Cookies

How Does It Grind?

Tiny nugs tend to make for simpler dosing and easier grinding. This strain is no different, though the cola density had me turning the grinder more than the usual amount of turns. That’s because this is something of a giving tree strain. 

Just 5 tiny nugs ground into a full grinder’s worth of cannabis. What was more surprising was the width of each ground piece. I expected this strain to grind down to more of a powder, but that wasn’t the case. Pieces are larger, and more fragrant. And the purples noted above were even more noticeable once ground.

Cresco Cookies is turning out to be such a fascinating strain. Like a nesting doll, it continues to surprise with each layer.

RATING 4.4/5:

Smell Before Vaping

This aroma of this strain is subtle, to say the least. In fact, I kept returning to the container to capture a better glimpse of the scents. No matter how many times I did, however, I always seemed to come up short. After grinding, I did the same and still couldn’t quite grasp all that this strain had to offer.

This could simply be a strain cultivated to have little smell. This makes it great for those who live in an apartment or condo and might want to mask the sometimes pungent odor of cannabis. 


Most notable on the surface is Humelene, which creates a delicate hops-like aroma. This is followed by an even gentler stream of Myrcene. The smell of this strain is less like a walking through a garden and a little more like capturing the faint scent of a flower. Again, not the worst thing, but a tad disappointing for cannabis-aroma enthusiasts.

RATING 2.7/5:

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids. 

Sadly, these Cookies aren’t very flavorful. The lack of aroma also translated to taste. While I was able to detect each individual terpene as I vaped, I found each flavor to be just as subtle as the aroma, decreased with each bag I filled. Humelene was the dominating flavor in my bag, but the aftertaste did allow room for the citrus notes to shine.

The scent as I exhaled leaned floral, thanks to Myrcene. If you exhale this one through your nostrils, you will immediately be hit with a hint of lavender. This strain would pair well with something equally subtle. A glass of green tea or summer shandy would be excellent. Or even a glass of chocolate milk to go with these Cresco Cookies!

RATING 3.1/5:

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Cresco Cookies is a vaguely indica-dominant hybrid strain, a mixture of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This Tier I strain contains 15.3% THC and 16.61% THCA. It also contains 0.3% CBD.

Cresco Labs is currently offering Cresco Cookies as a budget strain, valued at $150 for 14.15g. This is one of the best prices on the Ohio market for cannabis at current. There are a few strains going for this price. #420ohio will try to review each of them as we come across them!

Cookies contains 15.3% THC, which isn’t as high a percentage as Cresco Cookies tends to go in other states (closer to 24-26%). This is due to the Ohio’s Tier I THC limitation. That said, don’t let this deter you from trying this strain, as it is quite effective.

Being an indica-leaning hybrid strain, there is an excellent mixture of mind and body relaxation, which only increases in intensity as you continue vaping. I found this strain to be something I call a “creeper” in that it doesn’t strike you right away. It slowly creeps up on you, relaxing the muscles and joints first, and slowly creating a soothing head-band effect as the strain finishes.

I was extraordinarily relaxed while medicating with this strain, but I felt a strong creative burst, and an energy to match. Soon, I was doing chores around the house and listening to music. Inflammation from running the day before subsided, and I felt a better grasp on pain tolerance.

I wasn’t expecting these tiny nugs to pack such a punch, but as I vaped further bags, this one just continued to relax and engage the senses. Folks sensitive to hybrid strains may find some jitters, so take it slow and you should have an excellent time medicating with this one.

RATING 4.4/5:

Final Thoughts on Cresco Cookies

Cresco Cookies is an excellent strain offering equal amounts of body relaxation and mind energy. This strain takes a minute to work, but once it does, it only gets stronger and more intense as you continue to vape it. This makes Cresco Cookies a wonderful possibility for patients seeking creative energy, productivity, anti-stress and anti-inflammation with their strain.

In lesser words … these cookies are quite good!

Does this fish sink or swim? Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer
If you dig a complex aroma with your cannabis, this one should do the trick.

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