Butterfly Effect Indica Cannabis Concentrate Review

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Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging & Contents: First Impressions

Butterfly Effect’s Concentrated Indica Cannabis Oil Syringe comes packed in a small blue pouch. This CO2 extracted concentrate is to be used for vaporization, but is also edible.

Butterfly Effect isn’t looking to win awards with this presentation, but that’s not a bad thing. The syringe inside the packaging is functional and feels nice on the fingers. The pouch itself is simplistic, but elegant. I really dig the Butterfly Effect logo as well. I do wish there was more information about terpene profiles on the back label, just so patients had a sense of what this oil should taste like.

There are no windows on this packaging, either, so patients will want to open their pouch before driving home from the dispensary — just to check for contamination, mold or fungus. If you see anything strange in your oil, or any discoloration, don’t use it. Return the concentrate immediately. 

The oil itself is housed in a small 1.0 ml syringe — about the size of a joint. This syringe is used to plunge the oil into a vape cartridge. Note: this process can be difficult, and takes a decent amount of time (15-30 minutes).

Patients with anxiety, trembles or shaking in their hands, or even neuropathy, should consider asking a caretaker for help. You can read about how to refill your vape cartridges here, or watch the video below for assistance.

RATING 4.2/5:

Taste Test

The pouch itself, and notes at the dispensary, did not indicate what terpenes were used to flavor/enhance this oil, nor did they mention any specific aromas or flavors to note. This had me wondering just what exactly Butterfly Effect’s oil was going to taste like … outside of simply tasting like bud. 

I was shocked by how much flavor was packed into just one drag. I wish there’d been a note about the fruity, delicate floral flavors that hide within this syringe. More patients would likely be willing to try this concentrate out. 

From the first pull to the final drag, this oil delivered a stunning array of citrus flavors, subtle peppery notes and a smooth floral finish, like sniffing fresh magnolias. 

I would often find myself taking one or two extra pulls just to enjoy the Juicy Fruit sweetness of this oil. Like many concentrates, there is a slight bite on the throat after vaping for a while. This is because the oil is coating your throat. If you are sensitive to that sensation, be sure to take it slow.

RATING 4.8/5:
Butterfly Effect Indica Concentrate Fact Sheet

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Butterfly Effect’s Concentrated Indica Cannabis Oil is a CO2-extracted concentrate. It features a 10:1 ratio, with 590mg of THC and 63mg of CBD. One fifteen-second pull should yield roughly 59mg of THC. This is considered one dose.

Generally, concentrates don’t do much for me. I feel a little buzzed, maybe a slight headband effect or a sense of calm. But that’s about it. And often the effect doesn’t last very long, as was the case with Cokoh Glow’s disposable vape pen — it packed plenty of taste, but the medicinal effect wore off in minutes. Thankfully, that was not the case with Butterfly Effect’s Concentrated Indica Cannabis Oil. Quite the contrary!

While I usually find vape pens to be best for quick on-the-spot microdosing, this oil is much better suited for a strong medicinal effect. In other words, this oil is gonna floor you! With just a few pulls, I was in a state of total relaxation, my joints and muscles soothed, and my mind at ease. I was able to unwind after a stressful week and just relax, and I was able to use the oil to help me drift off to sleep in mere moments.

I’m beyond happy to have found an oil in Ohio that actually yields a medicinal effect that lasts longer than ten minutes. For those looking for a strong relaxation effect, calming on the muscles or soothing the senses before bed, Butterfly Effect’s Indica Oil delivers in spades.

RATING 4.8/5:
Butterfly Effect Indica Concentrate Close

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Effect's Indica Cannabis Concentrate

This cannabis concentrate packs a serious punch, making it great for relaxing and unwinding after a tough day, or right before bed. Using the syringe to refill a vape cartridge can be a bit of a pain, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. Just take your time. Patients looking for a top-notch cannabis concentrate should look no further. Butterfly Effect knocks it out of the park.


The initial fruity bursts of this strain are perfectly complemented by the floral accents provided by the Myrcene terpene. Caryophyllene adds in a refreshing clove-like aroma that brings forward the citrus notes.

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