Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Review:

1:1 THC/CBD Cannabis Tincture

Butterfly Effect's 1:1 (110mg:120mg) THC/CBD Tincture Delivers An Even Balance.

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

This medical cannabis tincture was cultivated and processed by Grow Ohio in Zanesville, and sold under the brand, Butterfly Effect. 

1:1 tinctures contain nearly equal amounts of the active chemical compounds, THC and CBD. In this case, my bottle contained 110mg of THC and 120mg of CBD. 

Packaging for this bottle is not unlike Butterfly Effect’s High THC Tincture, but varies in that the box is white instead of the charcoal gray. Design is appealing, and fairly easy to open.

The bigger disappointment is the bottle itself, which is also white, making it impossible for patients to see the tincture before buying, or easily monitor how much of the tincture they have left. 

Thankfully, the white material covering the bottle is simply painted over clear glass. I actually took a knife and scraped the white paint from the bottle so I could track how much of the tincture I had remaining. Alas, I still had to buy the tincture not knowing what was in the bottle, and that left me a little frustrated.

I’m not sure if this bottle will be changed in the future, or whether I had just gotten an older batch (manufacture date was late August 2019), but bottles like these should be reconsidered. The clear bottles from the Butterfly Effect’s high THC tincture are much, much better.

RATING: 2.3/5

The Taste Test

This cannabis tincture is flavored to taste like yellowcake. I’ve already talked about the flavor of this tasty tincture with my review of Butterfly Effect’s High THC Tincture. The same can be said here, with only one difference. 

The cake flavor remains delightfully dominant throughout, but the consistency between the two tinctures was mildly different. This tincture is a little thinner than the thicker, higher THC tincture. Alas, I didn’t like the thinner consistency quite as much . It’s also just a hair cooler on the tongue. This is likely because the oil is thinner, so the suspended material can remain cool much easier.

Regardless, if you dig the flavor of Butterfly Effect’s other tinctures, you will likely love this one, too. 

RATING: 4.7/5

Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects I Noted

The medicinal benefits noted below are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for the advice of a medical practitioner or licensed budtender.

Butterfly Effect’s 1:1 cannabis tincture contains nearly equal amounts of THC and CBD. But please keep in mind, this tincture is designed for a balanced experience, with very mild euphoria. For those with medical conditions that are benefited from the sensation of euphoria, I would suggest a higher THC tincture, strain or product. 

This tincture is even lighter in THC and CBD than WANA Sour Gummies, which offered about 7-9mg of THC and CBD per gummie. Here, a .25mL pull from the included dropper will deliver only about 1mg of both THC and CBD. As such, one full dropper will deliver roughly 4mg of the compounds. 

My licensed medical marijuana patient consultant at the dispensary suggested this tincture for new patients who haven’t yet tried cannabis. They also recommended this tincture for patients with stomach or gastrointestinal issues or pain, as this tincture is great for relaxation and easing inflammation.

This tincture worked great for my muscles, relaxing aches and soothing tension. It was also excellent about an hour before bed, helping me relax before sleeping. My tolerance is fairly high, so I had to take two full droppers per dose, making this less economical for patients with a higher tolerance. If you find yourself in that position, I would recommend a higher THC product. 

RATING: 4.5/5

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Effect's 1:1 Cannabis Tincture

The bottles could use an upgrade, but the tincture itself is quite great. Don’t expect serious euphoria with this one. This tincture is more for those looking to get their feet wet, so to speak. It’s a great bottle for testing your tolerance of THC and CBD, while also delivering inflammation relief and relaxation. If you’re new to medical cannabis, or you just prefer a mild experience, this is a great, gentle tincture worth testing out.


Euphoria creeps up with this one, building to a crescendo about an hour or two after eating the edible.

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